4th workshop of Ecologistics project | 15 January 2014 | Dourges (France)

The fourth workshop of Ecologistics project was held in Dourges by Euralogistics, one of the French partners of the project. It took place on 15th January 2014 and aimed at presenting the project to companies in North Pas de Calais region. Moreover, the workshop allowed companies to share experience and explain their needs in terms of traceability in the SC. Those informations will be collected by the partners then design the fittest scenarios used for integration into the demonstrator.

WP 2 action 8 meeting | 25 November 2013 | Luxembourg

All the partners involved in action 8 have decided to meet on November 25th from 14h-17h in Tudor, Luxembourg. The meeting aims at discussing about the organization of workshops. Up to now, 3 workshops have been held (2 have been organized by Multitel and 1 by Tudor). The next workshops will be organized by Forem, Euralogistics, IPL and TUE.

Scale Workshop | 15 November 2013 | Dublin - Ireland

In the framework of Interreg IV B Scale project, a workshop will take place in Dublin on November 15th. This workshop will be attended by representatives of companies active in the Irish food and drinks industry. We will use this opportunity to present Ecologistics project to these companies.

3rd workshop of Ecologistics project Logistics & ICT | 5 November 2013 | Luxembourg

The third workshop of Ecologistics project was hosted by the Luxembourgish partner, CHP Henri Tudor on 5th Novembre 2015. The workshop aimed at presenting the project to companies in the region and sharing experience about track and trace of the Supply Chain, challenges related to the SC: interoperability, security of sharing information between partners...

Third Steering Committee in Luxembourg

The third steering committee of Ecologistics took place on October 11th in CRP Henri Tudor in Luxembourg. During this meeting, each partner explained the progress of its actions and work packages. It was an opportunity for all partners to be informed about the status of the whole project. In particular, we discussed about the next workshop which will take place on November 5th in CRP Henri Tudor. On this occasion, we welcomed our new partner, Eurometropolitain e-Campus, which will join Ecologistics’ team shortly.

2nd workshop of Ecologistics project Logistics & ICT | 10 June 2013 | Liège (Belgium)

The second workshop of Ecologistics project took place on 10th June 2013 in "Forem Formation Logistique de Liège". It aimed at on one hand presenting Ecologistics project to companies and player in the SC and on the other hand identifying needs of companies, especially SME about traceability. The inputs of those workshops will allowed the partners of the project to design the most relevant scenarios. They will be in the next step integrated into the demonstrator which is being developed. The demonstrator is one of the main output of the project.

Wagralim - showcase of the scenario of the chocolate training factory | 28th April 2015 | Verviers (Belgium)

The scenario of the chocolate training factory was played in the event "l'alimentation connectée" Wagralim which took place in Vervier on 28th of April 2015. The partners of Ecologistics (represented by Forem) showcased the use of EPC in the CAPM software of the chocolate training factory and thanks to the EPCIS network, how the information was shared between the chocolate training factory and its transporter.

Study visits in Formalim and Spadel and showcase of the scenario of the chocolate training factory | 12th May 2015 | Formalim Verviers (Belgium)

The scenario of the chocolat training factory was again showcased during the study visit in Formalim, a competence center of Forem in the field of food industry, located in Verviers, Belgium. This center has a mini-factory of chocolate pralines, where training courses are organized ,mainly for job seekers, in both the logistic field and the food industry field.