Final Steering Committee meeting of Ecologistics project | 16th July 2015 | Feluy (Belgium)

The final Steering Committee of Ecologistics project took place on 16th July in Feluy, Belgium. The meeting aimed at updating the partners in the consortium about what has been done and what still needs to be finalized before the end of the project (operational tasks should be finished before end July). 2 scenarios were showcased to the partners: Urban logistics and Plastkorp.

Ecologistics study visit distillery of Biercée | 15th July 2015 | Ragnies (Belgium)

The European project ECOLOGISITCS, co-funded by the Interreg IV-b « North West Europe », is currently organizing a series of exchange and site visit sessions to explore the potential and existant benefits of ICT for the logistics sector. On 15th July, the project visited the distillery of Biercé in Belgium. This study visit allowed the partners of the project to understand the traceability process in the distillery and the specificities related to the field of distillation.

Final conference of Ecologistics project | 5th June 2015 | Dourges, France

The European innovation project “Ecologistics” for efficient and sustainable logistics in small and medium sized companies completed successfully with the final conference on 5th June 2015 in Dourges/France. The event was hosted by Euralogistic, a partner of the project.

The project “Ecologistics”, led by University of Mons, run over a period of 3 years with the objective to introduce the latest available information and communication technology for better visibility of objects in the supply chain in small and medium sized companies. The results of the project were presented at the final conference in Dourges/France.

Ecologistics' study visit in Port of Calais | 16th April 2015 | Calais (France)

On Tuesday 14th April, a session was held in Calais under the theme “What ICT can bring to securization and fluidification of Trans-channel traffics at the port of Calais?”. The day was co-organized by Cap Calaisis (Calais territory representation) and innovation platform i-Fret (member of the Ecologistics consortium).

8th workshop of Ecologistics project | 25th March 2015 | Luxembourg

In the context of the Interreg IVB NWE Ecologistics project, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology organised on March the 25th, a workshop about the added value and the implementation of EPCIS. This is the eighth workshop organised by Ecologistics project in several countries in NWE.

Ecologistics' study visit in Urk's fish auction | 13th March 2015 | Urk (the Netherlands)

On Friday 13th March, Ecologistics organised a visit in the fish auction in Urk, the Netherlands. The visit enabled to understand how the fish auction and all related processes work. A pilot project with the implementation of the EPC (Electronic Product Code) is being put in place in the site to allow a logistics process more efficient and sustainable. By consequent, an optimal quality of the fish and the quality control including the traceability are enhanced.

Ecologistics study visit Daventry | 19th February 2015 | Daventry (the United Kingdom)

On Tuesday 19th February, a session was held in Daventry under the theme “Rail transportation and the benefits to the food & drink sector”. The day was co-organized by Scale Interreg IVB project, with the following objectives :

- Discuss opportunities for economic competitiveness that rail transport offers food and drink supply chain logistics.
- Consider the improved environmental and social sustainability that rail transport provides food and drink supply chain logistics.
- Examine how ICT-driven visibility may enable greater efficiency and sustainability in logistics.