The urban logistics scenario has been built in order to provide information about the advantages of the EPCIS in an urban context. In the cities, urban logistics stakeholders are working in reducing the impact on the environment thanks to innovative solutions. New transport modes are developing like electric vehicles or cargo-cycles, stocks are replaced in mutualized warehouses around cities, … In this context, thanks to data sharing throughout all the supply chain, you can avoid unnecessary rides (which means less kilometers for the vehicles, less vehicles in the streets and less wasted time). In a nutshell, the technologies developed by the project can help to get even greener and still more efficient.

Urban logistics scenario in video English version

Urban logistics scenario in video French version

You can download the report of the use of EPCIS Network in an urban logistics context, with recommendations of City Reference Group.
Short version Report on CRG light version.pdf
 Full version Report on CRG.pdf