The university of Mons (UMons) was founded in 2009 from the merger of two universities, UMH (“University of Mons-Hainaut”) and FPMs ("Faculty of Engineering of Mons”). UMons has several Faculties and Institutes that deliver Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees to around 5,000 students. Research is also very important for UMons: it has created 80 research units and 2 centres of excellence. FPMs has developed logistics as a field of research since 2007. More specifically, UMons has expertise in ICT applications in logistics. It has participated in most regional research programmes in logistics through a close collaboration with large companies like Alstom and the competitiveness cluster Logistics in Wallonia. Translogistic (12 million Euros project) and Greenrail are examples of large-scale research project where UMons’ competencies played a crucial role in the development of industrial logistics tools. Moreover, UMons has experience in distance education: it has already implemented distance learning courses in Mons, Belgium and Valenciennes, France in the field of engineering.

UMons took the lead of Ecologistics project, because it was leader of several projects in the past, and because it has competencies in the various fields of this multidisciplinary project: it can benefit from research results of high-tech research projects; it has education tools and experience from its main function of university; it has relationships with several companies in Belgium and Europe (through several European projects); finally its know-how will allow it to play a crucial role in the development of the demonstrator. Consequently, UMons is in charge of all management activities, except the coordination of communication. It also coordinates the building of the demonstrator, thanks to its high value ICT-based technologies (WP3).

UMons will also be active in the testing of distance training courses. It will be very interesting for UMons to test and implement these solutions with the other partners active in the field of education (Forem, Euralogistic, École central de Lille...), in particular its innovative features, like IPv6 connectivity.

First name: Bertrand
Surname: Tiberghien
Address: c/o Multitel, Rue Pierre et Marie Curie 2, 7000 Mons, Belgium
Phone: +32 65 34 28 39
Fax: + 32 65 34 27 99