Multitel ASBL which was founded in 1999 is a multidisciplinary centre. It employs about 70 researchers, and has a fully independent legal status. The centre is a strategic partner of the industry for the development of know-how and innovation in various technological fields including photonics, computer networks, speech, signal, and image processing and railway certification. Multitel was a major partner of Walloon project Translogistic, which was supported by major industrial players (Alstom, Thales…). This project aimed at developing a comprehensive logistic traceability system for multimodal transport (train command/control, real-time localization, data transfer and optimization platform…). Multitel gives also training lessons about the importance of ICT for logistics and transport, in collaboration with FOREM, the official Walloon institution for training and employment. Multitel is one of three laboratories in Europe accredited ISO 17025 (427-test) by BELAC for Subset 076 and 085 of ERTMS, a European standard for railway transport.


In Ecologstics, Multitel will be WP1 leader with the implementation of the web-based communication platform with IPv6 connectivity, a durable and innovative open source standard. This platform will be built based on an Intranet tool for partners, a communication tool for companies in North-West Europe and a tool to release the ICT-based demonstrator dedicated to the exchange of information between players of the supply chain (WP3). Multitel is involved actively in the WP2 which aims at gathering feedback from companies about opportunities and challenges of ICT and green logistics and providing at least five use cases to implement the demonstrator (WP3). In order to identify the companies’ needs and use cases, Multitel will organise several workshops in Wallonia and carry out interviews and company visits. All the outputs of WP2 will help to implement the demonstrator (WP3). As Multitel provides training to the main vocational training centre in Wallonia, it will also participate in the definition of new trainings with the implementation of the demonstrator and will enable to test these lessons through accurate case studies in WP4.

First name: Yves
Surname: de Blic
Address: Multitel, Rue Pierre et Marie Curie 2, 7000 Mons, Belgium
Phone: +32 65 34 28 35
Fax: + 32 65 34 27 99