An ICT-based demonstrator

What is the ITC-based demonstrator developed by Ecologistics?
The open-source software downloadable on the website of Ecologistics allows you to deploy an EPCIS network and the associated tools. The demonstrator enables to check objectively the interest of sharing information in a supply chain. For people who will choose this approach, the demonstrator enables them to start the developments based on this software.

For whom this demonstrator is reserved?
For decision-makers (companies, public authorities), logisticians, software integrators and IT engineers.

How to use this demonstrator?
Thanks to the free-of-charge download (in download section of the website, people who are interested in the demonstrator can access the software, can execute it on their computer in order to discover or confirm their interest in this solution. For people who are convinced, they can obtain the source codes to deploy and develop their own solution based on the development and the how-know of Ecologistics.