FOREM is the public organisation for employment and vocational training in the Walloon Region. 
In 2013, there are 25 skills centres officially certified with a quality label, covering a great variety of business sectors.
Three Skills Centre are active in the field of Transport & Logistics, and one in the field of Food processing, all of them being the fruit of a partnership with the business sectors.  They are dealing with the main realities and needs of the industry:
• Production in the food industry
• Material handling and forklift driving
• Initial training and retraining for truck and bus drivers 
• Logistics management (warehousing, distribution, fleet management,..)
• E-Learning
• Skills validation and screening

The good practices identified will contribute to the development of new competences, an undeniable appeal factor for investors concerned with the availability of a competent work-force.

Forem will be very active in WP4 as this organization includes a large number of skills centers but especially with several dedicated to logistics. Hence all actions related to training (in WP2 and WP4) will see the contribution of Forem.
An emphasize may be given to the action WP4A13 where Forem would provide an accurate case study with its skill center specialised in agribusiness called Formalim and in connection with several companies of this field, large user of logistics.

Forem will also be one of the links for the demonstrator and will provide access to its own databases, encoded with a particular standard, called Axapta.

First name: Baudry
Surname: Desaintghislain
Address: Boulevard Tirou 104,  6000 Charleroi
Phone: 071/20 65 55
Fax: 071/20 65 99