IPL Prof. Schmidt GmbH is a consulting company with an international reputation. Our main area of  competence  is  the  automotive  industry.  We use the experience gained here in implementation projects for other investment and consumer goods industries.

Over 300 successfully completed customer projects testify to our expertise and wealth of industry  experience.  Since  its  foundation  in  1991, IPL Prof. Schmidt GmbH has offered innovative products and services aimed at achieving lasting optimisation  of  logistics  processes.  Our  longstanding customers include renowned medium-sized companies and international organisations.

In addition to working closely with the network,  Prof.  Dr.  Klaus-Juergen Schmidt is initiator of the special interest group AKJ  Automotive,  which  was  founded  in  1985, and  presents  new  concepts  and  strategies  for discussion  at  the  annual  conferences  of  the automotive and component supply industries.

Consulting, planning, and realisation for:
Procurement logistics
Production logistics
Distribution logistics
Processes and organisation
Value stream mapping
Toyota Production System
Lean production 
Supply chain management
Warehouse and conveying technology

Research and development in international research study groups

Training / specialist seminars
at our training centre
IPL is action leader of action packages AP 6 and AP 7
AP 6: Awareness – information and communication about the benefits of using RFID and EPC to enable visibility in the supply chain
AP 7: Survey – questionnaire and evaluation of the needs of SMEs to raise visibility in their supply chains

IPL is also involved in APs 2, 3, 5 and 8

First name: Jörg
Surname: Bernarding
Address: Heinrich-Barth-Strasse 32, 66115 Saarbrücken, Germany
Phone: +49-681-954310
Fax: +49-681-9543199