The i-Trans competitiveness cluster brings together industry leaders and key players in industry, research and education related to rail, automotive, logistics and intelligent transport systems in Northern France. The objective of this productive cooperation is to foster excellence through continuous innovation and intelligence in transport systems.
i-Trans is part of the government-recognized competence clusters for their potential as centers of scientific and technological know-how with worldwide reach.

i-Fret is an innovation platform for freight logistics and transports. Through collaborative innovation projects, internal and external valorization actions of the territory’s competences and an analysis tool for freight massification the platform accompanies the territory in the efforts to stay at the heart of Europe’s logistics flows. 

Both i-Trans and i-Fret are supported by the Transports Terrestres Promotion association. 


i-Trans and i-Fret are in the ecologistics project for their knowledge of the logistics and freight transportation world. The missions include an expert eye on the best practices guide, assistance in the identification of the industry’s needs and especially the communication of the projects objectives, activities and outcomes to the many members of the cluster’s and platform’s professional networks of partners. 

First name: Anna
Surname: Melsen
Address: Espace Freycinet, 135 avenue de l’universite, F-59140 Dunkerque
Phone: +33 3 28 61 97 72