The Eurometropolitan e-Campus (Ee-Campus) is a young and innovative training centre dedicated to internet expertise. It is in charge of fostering education and research in ICT field in its region. 

It is the kingpin of many collaborations between private companies, universities, high schools, clusters and administrations.

The Ee-Campus works also with prestigious partners such as Microsoft, Apple and Belgacom.

For the moment, the Ee-Campus gathers 225 students in different levels (initial and vocational training) and various fields: e-business, digital arts, e-entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, etc.

The main role of Ee-Campus is the setting-up and the lead of a City Reference Group composed of North West European city representatives. The City Reference Group that would meet three times during the project would have as main goal to input on the important issues surrounding last-mile delivery, e-commerce and e-logistics transport in urban areas. 

The City Reference Group participants will benefit from access to the latest project findings on topics that are relevant to engaging logistics operators and customers in their regions. The City Reference Group will also provide contacts and promote the e-demonstrator to stakeholders.

The Ee-Campus would also act as a dissemination channel to contacts with freight logistics operators in its region.

Furthermore, the Ee-Campus is setting a workshop dedicated to training with the objective to target the opportunity to integrate identification technologies in logistics training offers.

First name: Mathilde
Surname: Musin
Address: 13, Rue du Progrès - 7503 Froyennes - Belgium
Phone: (+32)
             (+32) 0474.93.06.81