The Regional Centre of Excellence Euralogistic aims at providing a wide range of services to companies, purchasers and institutions from the Nord-Pas de Calais region. 
Euralogistic proposes, in collaboration with its partners, several conferences and meetings on regular basis.
Four items allow the Centre of Excellence Euralogistic to be continuously in relation with the SMEs from the logistics and transport sector: 

- the promotion of the logistics sector,
(i.e. : promotion of SMEs’ activities, strategic and international support, territorial logistics projects)

- the consultancy in logistics projects for local SMEs,
(i.e. : improve SMEs’ logistics and associated flows, identify new marketing scopes, facilitate the launch of innovations, define an environmental strategy)

- the business intelligence and the networking of actors,
  (i.e. : meet up key partners, set up cooperation projects, access to key information)

- the excellence in research and training.
(i.e. : provide support in the improvement of staff skills, ease SMEs cooperation with the research sector, participate to European cooperation programs)

The Centre of Excellence Euralogistic is managed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Artois with the support of the French State and the Nord - Pas de Calais Region Council in the frame of the regional economic development scheme.
The Center of Excellence Euralogistic is the leader of the work package 4. Its aim is to coordinate the following tasks: 

- the integration of the demonstrator in the training programs,
- the assessment of the demonstrator’s efficiency. 

The final goal is to provide an ICT-based demonstrator thanks to the scenarios issued from the top five case studies. 

To achieve this goal, the ICT-based demonstrator will be tested in real life :

- together with GS1 (task leader of the WP4 Action 13), Euralogistic will detail a program for the training modules and submit a toolkit for SMEs wishing to use the demonstrator.

- lastly, with Logistics in Wallonia (task leader of the WP4 Action 14), Euralogistic will assess the efficiency of the demonstrator according to ecological criteria.  To do so, a wide study will be carried out to gather SMEs views on potential adjustments of the demonstrator.  

First name: Joffrey
Surname: Zamba
Address: 622 rue des Hauts de France, 62110 Hénin-Beaumont
Phone: 0321748033