Event Date: 
Friday, June 5, 2015 - 13:30

The study visit of the multimodal platform Delta 3 took place in the afternoon of 5th June 2015, after the final conference of Ecologistics project held in Euralogistic. The visit attracted almost all participants of the final conference.

Platform Delta 3 is a multimodal transport terminal platform for rail, road and waterways. The logistics areas attract lots of warehouses (330,000 m² superficies). You can also find offices area and a living area inside this platform.

Services offered by the platform:
-    Inland waterways to and from the main sea ports: Zeebrugge, Antwerp, Rotterdam…
-    Interconnected railway lines to and from different European countries including the UK and Turkey.
-    Storage of goods
-    Transit dangerous goods
-    Temperature controlled warehousing
-    Maintenance of locomotives and wagons

The visit was very interesting to understand how a multimodal platform works and to see different facilities and infrastructures deployed related to each terminal. Companies joined this visit were very satisfied because it was very useful for them.

On the board of the bus before the visit (because of the huge dimension of the site, it is more efficient to visit the platform by bus)

Gantry crane for railway used

Companies on the site (warehouses)

Gantry crane for waterways used