Connected carton boxes, pallets and containers : demonstration in the video !

In the framework of a collaborative pilote supervised by METI (Ministry of Economie, Trade and Industry of Japon), several industrial partners (Canon, MISC, NYKTT etc.) have displayed EPC global standards technologies in order to follow in the real time different logistic units carried from Tokyo to Amsterdam.

Transported products, electronic devices, have been tagged by RFID label within EPC Gen2 standard. Each logistic unit (carton boxes, pallets and containers) had a RFID chip enabling an automatic capture of data, including multiple caputure points in the whole supply chain (custom, shipment company, transport company...).   

Data collected as one goes along during the transport cycle of goods have been registered in the data bases of EPCIS interfaces standard which allow therefore all players in the supply chain to share a network of information and by consequent to enhance a full visibility of the delivery statut of goods.