Plastcorp is a trading company which sales thermoplastic polymeric raw-materials.It does not own warehouses therefore itworks together with a logistic provider to receive and deliver its products. Plastcorpprovides its customers via two different paths:

(A) A
Customer orders products from Plastcorp. Plastcorp informs its logistic provider about the order and they supply the ordered goods to the customer. If there are not enough products in stock, then Plastcorp orders the required products from one of its suppliers

Plastcorp manages a direct delivery between the supplier and the customer.

there are two possible issue cases, which are shown in the second presentation.

Case A
In Case A, a supplier is looking for a missing reusable container.
The supplier reports the GRAI of the missing container to Plastcorp. By using EPCIS, Plastcorp should be able to check, if the container (with his specific GRAI) is at the warehouse of Plastcorp’s logistic provider.

Case B
In Case B, a customer received expired goods.
The customer reports the SGTIN of the product to Plastcorp. Because of the serialised GTIN and by using EPCIS, Plastcorp could check if the expiration date of this product is really expired. If the complaint is justified, Plastcorp could ask for new product by the supplier.