In this industry, RFID tags are more and more often used, either inside a label or sewed directly to the garment. The benefits of these tags are widely distributed across the supply chain. 

Without RFID, every item often has to be taken out of the box/pallet
and scanned to know the style, size and color. But with RFID, it takes only a few seconds to record a pallet without even opening anything!

Inside the store, inventory can be taken simply and quickly with a handheld reader. Inventory is taken much more often than previously and as a result updates to the stock balance are frequent. This, in turn, means higher sales because of reduced out of stocks. A company like American Apparel experienced a sales increase of 20%.
Taracci, a small SME, found a reduction in working capital of more than 20% and a payback of less than a year.

That’s not all, the same tags can be used later as anti-theft. This results in savings since traditional anti-theft EAS do not have to be purchased or placed by the personnel.